HelloGreenClean unprofessional response to complaints

Arlington, Virginia 0 comments

HelloGreenClean out of Rockville, MD responded to incidents regarding how the house was clean and item left broken unprofessionally and did not even attempt to resolve the issue with us.

A piece of coral was broken and to which the owner responded, "When you have a cleaning crew, though rare, things can break." Really that is how you respond???? Not I am so sorry, can we replace it? And worst to that, the house was left uncleaned, for $135 I actually had to go around sponge off the dining room table and the wall by trash can, took all of 5 minutes to clean, but now what I expect after paying someone to clean my house.

Lastly, we rescheduled for a cleaning 20 days prior but the crew still came to the house while we were on vacation and then the owner left both an improper voicemail and nasty email discontinuing the service because we were not home.

Not only is the owner unprofessional, has no business sense or customer service skills, but also forgets details as such and tries to blame the client and charge the client a cancellation fee. I would highly recommend you find another cleaning service, than pay the high prices of HelloGreenClean and not receive good customer service.

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